Hue Imperial Citadel stop opened by night

Hue stop opening the Citadel-Imperial city at night from 15th October because of the rainy season.
The program started on April 22nd to help tourists avoid daytime summer heat and give them more time to experience imperial cultural spaces in the citadel. However, Hue is now entering rainy season which has presented some difficulties for the organizers of the programm. Night tours visiting the citadel in 2018 will be announced later.

Visiting the Citadel at night from 7pm-10pm, tourists will have chances to explore Hue heritages such as enjoying sparkling Imperial Citadel by night (including the Noon Gate, Trung Dao bridge, Thai Dich lake, The Mieu Temple, Dien Tho Palace, Truong Sanh Palace, etc.), royal ceremonials (including the Change of Guards, performance of ceremonial music – Dai nhac, performance of festive music – Tieu nhac, etc.), royal music and dances, royal games, exhibition of 5 world heritages of Hue and exhibitions of other subjects.

In addition, tourists will be able to experience Hue traditional crafts and enjoy services at Noi vu Palace, Truong Sanh Palace, and Dien Tho Palace.
Ticket prices are the same, US$5.45 (VND120,000) for domestic tourists and US$6.81 (VND150,000) for foreigners

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